Facebook Birthday Export

Export your Facebook Friends' Birthdays to any Calendar

Follow these simple steps on your PC

  1. Download the facebook birthday page
    • Visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/birthdays/
    • Facebook just introduced a new design: Select the classic design in the settings on the top right
    • Scroll down the page to load the full content
    • Press Ctrl+S to store the page as html file
  2. Upload the html file
  3. Download the generated iCalendar file
  4. Import the iCalendar file into your favorite calendar
    • It is recommended to create a new subcalendar "Facebook Birthdays" into which you import the events.
    • Check the documentation of your calendar how to do this
    • Description for Google Calendar

Is any of my data stored on the server?
No. In fact everything is executed locally in your webbrowser. No data is transferred to the server at all.

How can I update the birthday calendar?
Whenever you have new contacts you can simply redo these steps. Every birthday event has a unique ID. Means existing events in your calendar will not be duplicated when reimporting them again.

Can I do this from my mobile phone?
It is not recommended to do the steps from your mobile phone as some steps may not work as expected.
But here some guidance:
  • Open the facebook link in your webbrowser, not in the facebook app.
  • Typcially you will be redirected to the mobile version of the facebook website. Request the desktop version via the browser seetings.
  • Storing the website and uploading it here should work.
  • At least the mobile app of Google Calendar does not allow to import an iCalendar file. You have to do it from your PC. Other calendar apps may support this feature.

Please visit the github project of this site for any questions or remarks.